Apple Magic Mouse Works with Ubuntu!

This page describes my account of installing the new Apple Magic Mouse with scrolling capabilities on Ubuntu 10.04.

My initial impression was that the magic mouse would work in Ubuntu 10.04. There are a few steps you need to do in order to get it to work.

1. Upgrade to 10.04 if not done already
2. Upgrade the kernel and headers to 2.6.35-25-generic
3. Fix all the kernel modules that broke when I upgraded the kernel

  • Virtual box had to recompile its kernel modules
  • X11 configuration was broken and had to reinstall nvidia drivers.

After the above steps the mouse started working and had the scroll capabilities. I did notice that my mouse speed was too fast. Even tough I set it to the slowest settings in the control panel.

4. Fix the mouse speed.
To list the current settings type the following command

xinput --list-props "Apple Magic Mouse"

To change the settings type the following (default value was 1)

xinput --set-prop "Apple Magic Mouse" "Device Accel Constant Deceleration" 1.5

Problems still encountered:
Each time I restart my machine the system does not detect the mouse. A work around for this is to switch off the mouse and then switch it on again. The system will re-connect automatically.


One Comment

  1. hi! now I’m using Ubuntu 11.10, kernel, yesterday I installed my Apple Magic Mouse, I just switch on the mouse and my laptop findit quick! today it does not work!! I uninstallit, shot down the machine, then switch on but nothing hapen.. in windows 7 I have only to click on the mouse 3 times and it works… What else can I do? can you help me? ( excuse me my english, I’m from Venezuela) thanks a lot..


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